Now I read that Trump is terrified and Obama has to hold his hand….

…and it has me far less concerned that Trump’s the next “Hitler” (which is a common theme on the Net lately), than that he’s just plain unsuitable.  I don’t think he’s smart enough to be a new Hitler.  I think he just said that stuff to get elected.  I think he’s too incompetent to be President.

Maybe he’ll resign and Pence will take over.  Not that I want to see Pence in power, either, but at least he has some governmental experience.  There are concerns that Trump will not actually govern, but his staff will do it for him, basically like a child who inherits the office of king but can’t possibly govern a country himself yet.  And this is not how our country is meant to be run, by shadow figures not accountable to the public.

Ach, what a mess this country is in!  The Electoral College was supposed to protect us from the blind stupidity of the populace, since the Founding Fathers did not trust us, but nowadays just seems to sign off on whoever the public votes for.  Making you wonder, what’s even the point of it?