Poem about abuse: The Fire Elemental (About Richard/Tracy)

That one in your house will burn it down
I tell but no one believes me
I saw her eyes flash with fire
She tried to steal my soul

She is a salamander

The one I trusted told me that truth
But interspersed with lies
A web he wove over me
I claw from my eyes

I heard the rage
Saw the strikes
She bit
He bit back

I raise the alarm, tell the truth
But now he denies it
Turns against me in rage
I am betrayed, abandoned

The fire begins to rage
It burns through all the rooms
I try to pull him out but he won’t let me
He is one of them too

[This poem is about witnessing abuse, and being told about abuse, only to be treated by the abuse victim as if you were crazy–then discovering the abuse victim is also an abuser who was manipulating you.  It’s based on this story.]