Poking Fun at Creepy Blog Stalkers

Wave to my creepy blog stalkers!  It’s like when you give cats tuna, so every time you use the can opener, the cats come running from wherever in the house they are….Here come the little kitty cats, so you can grab them and put them in the car to go to the vet…..

I see, time and again, bloggers complaining about “stalkers,” people with malicious intent (like my own blog stalkers) reading their blogs.  It seems like at least half the abuse blogs I find, are being stalked by the abusers.

Whether it’s anonymous or not, whether it’s about spiritual abuse, narcissism, sexual molestation, or other abuse, somehow the abusers keep finding and stalking them.

Yes, blogs are public access, but as the below blogger demonstrates, it’s still “creepy”–and all about control.  Creepers gonna creep….

This blogger, Julie Anne Smith, was sued this year by her former pastor for writing about his spiritually abusive practices.  (He lost and now has to pay her legal fees.)  She could tell her pastor was stalking her blog, because he added someone to the lawsuit after that person posted a comment.  She wrote:

In our case, I believe he uses fear to threaten.  That is why we don’t see many people using their real names on my blog.  I was threatened legal action before my blog went online = control tactic.

After the blog was online, when Meaghan commented here and used her real name, she was sued = control tactic.  The threat is:  if you post any negative message on Julie Anne’s blog, you, too, will be sued = control tactic.  That’s creepy and scary and a control tactic. 

Who wants to have to fork over big $$, secure a lawyer, give up hours of time, energy, defending yourself?  It’s a bit taxing on sleep, emotions as well, I might add.

There is much more creepiness going on behind the scenes, I can assure you, but this kind of stalking behavior is one aspect of spiritually abusive churches that cause a lot of pain and even fear for former members.

Here Julie Anne pokes fun at her “creepy” blog stalkers:

Creepy Pastors and Churches Using Creepy Stalking Control Tactics

I have had reports that this blog is being stalked (::::waving hi to creepy stalkers::::).

Obviously, the Google reviews were stalked as my reviews were being removed time and again.  It would be very likely that my Google reviews were discussed either on Wednesday night meetings or between Sunday school and the church service.

I remember him discussing people who challenged him on his blog. This would be normal behavior for him.

The blog is obviously stalked or else Meaghan wouldn’t be on the lawsuit.  We have many more reports of stalking behavior of which I am unable to disclose here, but let’s just say it’s all CREEPY behavior.

BTW, “Creepy” was one of the words I was being sued for – it was plastered all over the media (and it made me laugh).  It was dismissed from the lawsuit, so now I have the freedom to say it:  creepy, creepy, CREEPY.  Yes, this behavior is completely creepy.