My psycho blog stalker trolls are even more psycho stalkery




Yeah….I got the message.

This is only an extremely small portion of what I’ve been seeing lately from one visitor in an unexpected place, far away from here.

An obsessive amount of reading and re-reading posts about my stalkers, for weeks now.

Far more than what readers normally do, no matter how interested.

And WITHOUT ever subscribing to my blog, like my regulars normally do.

Showing a high amount of interest in certain posts, taking far longer than it normally would to read them.

Pointedly avoiding a certain post until I changed the title, which I have seen happen before with my stalkers.

Often spending hours on my blog, reading the same stuff over and over.  FIVE HOURS one morning.

Completely ignoring all my college memoir posts, even the ones about Phil apparently stalking me, even though “stalking” was their favorite subject.

Reading the new Richard/Tracy posts, but very little of the whole story (as if they already knew it all).

Who comes back whenever I block and unblock them.

Who downloaded a PDF of a post last week which called them out, called them obsessive.  There was absolutely no reason for a normal reader to PDF that post, and they have never PDF’d anything else.

Who keeps Richard’s erratic hours.

Who used my stalkers’ favorite search terms.

Including their favorite misspelling.

FOUR HOURS after reading a post which said that’s how I linked two IPs to Richard and Tracy.

(It’s a phrase which no one else has used, especially with the misspelling.)

Think I have reason to suspect one of my stalkers has relocated, even though the other is still using the Wisconsin IP?

Entirely possible: They’ve done this sort of thing twice that I know of, including the time Richard came to live with us while Tracy moved the kids in with her parents back where she grew up, a three-month separation while Richard looked for a job.

And they move a lot, from house to house, city to city and state to state, including from one region to another, so this is possible.


Ah, Richard or Tracy, I will block and unblock you at will, because it’s fun.

But don’t think I fear you anymore.

On the contrary, this is highly entertaining.  Bring it on.

(My apologies if I unintentionally offended a legitimate reader.  But I doubt it.)

Update 5/7: I keep finding more evidence in my stat logs that this is Richard.  It all adds up and makes sense…..If so, good riddance!

[Update 6/17/15: They both still live here in Fondy, but one of them could very easily have been down in that unexpected place for a while for some reason, such as internship, something related to their political connections, looking for a job in greener pastures again, or maybe Tracy had a school project there.  Or maybe they found a way to fake their location. 

But after I called them out with this post, and they read it, my obsessive visitor’s visits stopped dead.  They appeared again once or maybe twice later on, then never again.  Which would fit with the visitor moving back up to Fondy.]