Re-blog: Pastors and Abuse: Confronting and Dealing With Abusers (Part 7)

No-holds-barred view here of how a church should deal with abusers in its midst:

Expose the evil in truth and light, and remove it (advice for pastors Part 7, by Ps Jeff Crippen)

Some quotes:

Jesus is Light.  Jesus is Truth.  Therefore, all that we do in His church must reflect those same qualities.  Sadly, local churches most frequently permit darkness and deception to reign within them.  And perhaps no greater example of this sin is in regard to how the church typically handles domestic abuse within its ranks.

In the church, unrepentant sin is to be pronounced from the rooftops, in the hearing of the entire church.  It is to be exposed and dealt with openly, so that those who profess Christ’s name yet cause that Name to be blasphemed by unbelievers are expelled from the body of Christ, and Christ’s Name thereby is once more honored.

From Crippen’s What is Abuse?:

Abuse is fundamentally a mentality. It is a mindset of entitlement. The abuser sees himself as entitled. He is the center of the world, and he demands that his victim make him the center of her world. His goal is power and control over others.

…While this mentality of power and control often expresses itself in various forms of physical abuse, it just as frequently employs tactics of verbal, emotional, financial, social, sexual and spiritual abuse. …

Abuse in any of its forms destroys the victim’s person. Abuse, in the end, is murder.

Also from Abuse and Secrecy: What Have We Got to Hide?:

At the same time, we ARE to speak loudly and clearly when evil needs to be exposed.  There is a time not to speak, but there is a time when it is a sin to keep silent.  Christ is in the business of exposing evil when it is in His church and He commands all of us to do the same.

Announce it to the congregation.  Name names.  Rebuke publicly when a person refuses to repent, and so on.

Or as the Slacktivist writes:

Jesus himself said that the Matthew 18 Police were doomed to fail. Their efforts to silence and to conceal will ultimately prove useless, and the truth they’re trying so hard to hide will be shouted from the rooftops.

More than that — it will be posted online. A 21st-century paraphrase of that passage from Luke might say “what you have whispered behind closed doors will go viral.”

–Matthew 18 abuse needs to stop

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