Reblog: 10 things people say to stalking survivors — Amy Neises

I especially agree with the part about, how hard it is to convince people why you’re terrified over seemingly harmless acts.

Right about this time, right after I publicly talk about stalking, the questions come in about being stalked. Here’s the catch-all answers for the common questions that people ask me, and other crime victims.  …2. Why didn’t you tell me all the details while you were being stalked?  Answer: Stalking is confusing, terrifying and devastating. It consumed my life. Did my best to not burden any one friend with all the details. Trauma in general is simply a horrible, horrible thing to let drop in casual conversation. Sometimes, just I needed to talk about something else, unrelated to the big bad scary.

Source: 10 things people say to stalking survivors — Amy Neises

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