Reblog on the trolls

Remember the troll mob that came through here last month just because I *talked* to their usual target?  Well, their target has posted an update.  He and a friend have been working to get their accounts suspended on Twitter.  Thanks to the list he posted here, I just blocked a bunch more of them.  Seems they’ve been losing interest in him finally, and their number has dropped significantly as well.

I recently got a comment on one of my posts saying these trolls have been targeting several other people as well.  This person said they also use Facebook to harass.  I did get a couple of friend requests which I suspect were them, which shows disturbing stalker activity, because I keep my real-life name private online.

Sure they’ve been quiet, since I blocked their comments and reported a couple of them on Twitter.  But it still makes me feel squicky to think of them reading my blog and stalking my Twitter.  Anyway, here’s the update from their usual target:

Twitter just emailed me this list they have been working on with Lindsay for the past several months. As you can see a lot of accounts are no longer active or working. Most of them have been deleted by Twitter or by the user. And for some reason one of…

Source: 170 Trolls, One Dead? Huh?

  1. Nyssa I need to reach out to you via email regarding the troll issue you speak of here. Do you have a way I can either privately message you through email or can I through Facebook? It’s important. Thanks

  2. Nyssa I’m sorry that I have been targeting you to tell you Sam is a scammer. U are right he does exist. I’ll tell my twitter trolls to leave ya alone now. We have been sharing your blog & comments on twitter for weeks now. We want to think u are jackie or kendra but I found your book on amazon and ordered one to see if you are a real person so I am sorry we did that. I hope you forgive us please check out our site for more info and also a free copy of my book Teachers of Hate
    Hope you have a great eastern time

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