Students Recall Special Schools Run Like Prisons–Reblog: New York Times

From New York Times: Students Recall Special Schools Run Like Prisons:

During the past 15 years, a network of Utah-based “tough love” boarding schools for troubled youths has closed nearly two dozen programs amid claims of child abuse, which the schools have denied.

But Horizon Academy and at least half a dozen other schools with business or family ties to those who ran the network are still operating, and others with those ties are newly opened.

And once again, former students, parents and former staff members say that children at some of the schools, Mr. Chomakhidze among them, have been routinely mistreated.

…..WWASP Survivors Post Note: The WWASP Company may be defunct in name, however their program model and dangerous policies are alive and well in the remaining facilities formerly associated with WWASP.

Many WWASP programs have been reportedly shut down, but the very same staff members who ran these abusive schools are still very much in business…..

Many instances of child abuse, torture and endless torment are reported to WWASP Survivors on a daily basis…

We are not just a few disgruntled teens out for revenge. We are adults, professionals and advocates for the families and youth who have been conned and abused at these facilities.

Our intention is to warn the public in hopes that soon, no child will have to suffer what we and so many other families have been through.

We do not aim to destroy anyone’s reputation, we only speak the truth so that the children who are locked away and refused the right to speak out can be heard and saved by their families.

We do not feel the need for revenge, our time of healing has come and passed because of the work we do here and how many families and survivors we have made connections with.

When Mr. Robinson speaks of those of us who supposedly have a vendetta against him, he fails to mention that he was the man who laid hands on us, who hurt us, who terrorized us for years…

He also fails to mention that he has attempted to sue his victims into silence.

We have every right to speak the truth as is our 1st amendment right, and we see it as our duty to educate the public, encourage our lawmakers and make every effort we can to protect these children from further harm.