On Dr. Richard Eby and others who claim to have been to Heaven

I admit it, I got the books by Richard Eby (Caught Up Into Paradise and Tell Them I Am Coming).  In the early 90s, I watched him on The 700 Club and some other show I now forget.

I believed he told us the truth: That in 1972 he died from a head injury, went to Heaven, and was returned to Earth because it was not his time yet; that Christ had then shown him Hell.

One of the things Christ told him was that he would not die before Christ returned for His church.  Since he was already in his 80s, that meant the Rapture could not be far off.

A few years ago, I checked up on this story, wondering if Richard Eby was still alive and waiting for the Rapture.

Richard Eby died on December 26, 2002.

His followers have, of course, tried to say that Christ’s words were misinterpreted, or used other explanations such as the ones here (Christ reincarnated) and here (reworking past claim to mean that Rapture will come right after his death).

Check out the false prophecies used to explain it here.

But it’s more likely that Christ never said any such thing to him, that Eby either wanted fame and money, or his severe head injury gave him hallucinations.

So I have to forget everything Eby told us about Heaven and Hell because it is speculation–just as everyone else speculates on what Heaven and Hell will be like.

His books can still be bought from Amazon.com; comments there claim that Eby was misquoted.  But I read his books and I heard his account on TV: He was not misquoted.

Heaven Can’t Wait: A Survey of Alleged Trips to the Other Side by William M. Alnor critiques various accounts of Heaven and Hell, putting them through the grinder of biblical truth–including those of Richard Eby.  It even describes a racist one from the turn of the century, in which all black people become white in Heaven.

Written around 2005

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