Fighting the Darkness: Slightly shaken at church today

Richard and Tracy’s church closed a while back.  Occasionally, the people from there come to mine–well, except Richard and Tracy.  I have no idea where they go these days, if anywhere.

Something I’ve dreaded for a while, finally happened today: A visitor from their church asked if I still hang out with them.  “No.”  He asked, Where are they living these days?  I said, “I have no idea,” then got away as quickly as I could.

It’s true: I have no idea.  For the past year, they’ve been checking my blog using two different IP addresses at the same time.  It’s weird, because one residence is supposed to have one IP for every device hooked up to the Net.  These don’t appear to be work IPs.

Before, they used the same cell phone for both, but nowadays (after switching service providers) they use two entirely different computers, with two entirely different IPs.  These IPs are fixed, not changing more than once in a great while.

I know the two IPs are connected because they used the exact same search phrase–“nyssa hobbit blog nlvd”–with both IPs, in the exact same order, and NVLD spelled wrong for both.

One IP consistently comes from Fond du Lac, but is rarely used.  The other one, various trackers show it coming from all over the country: a little city on the other side of the state, Madison, Georgia, Minnesota–then last week, Fond du Lac!  This week, it’s back to Madison.

And they’re no longer in the phone book.  So I can truthfully say I have no frickin’ clue where those people live these days.

And apparently, this guy from their own church doesn’t know, either.

But yeah, it left me shaken for several minutes.

[Update 5/29/15: Tracy alone is back in the phone book, but I discovered the address is old.  They are still here in town, though, having moved yet again.  Also, that very same IP which has traced all over the country, now traces to Fond du Lac.]