So my blog stalkers are still stalking…..First Anniversary of Being “Found”

Thanks to toying with the HTML of the template of my former Blogspot blog ( to get my updated redirection plugin to work–something happened so I can now see hits on Google Analytics for my Blogspot blog even when the visit was properly redirected to this WordPress version.

This allowed me to finally know for sure if my blog stalkers are still trying to follow me to this blog.

The answer is yes, they are.  A verified attempt to visit my blog was logged on Saturday night [May 11, 2013].

It also confirms my suspicion that without hits showing up in Analytics for my Blogspot, I’d never know if they were trying to get in here or not, because I’ve blocked them at the server level, before they get to my security plugins which also block them and show attempted visits from unwanted visitors.

They obviously would have been redirected here, yet my plugins have logged no attempted visits from them.  I’m very happy to see the power of the blockers I now have access to, thanks to switching to self-hosted WordPress.

I find it both perplexing and troubling that they are still trying to get in.  There are no new posts at the Blogspot blog, haven’t been for a couple of months.

They know the WordPress blog exists; I’ve seen them search for it in Yahoo but come to the Blogspot blog instead, probably because they were blocked.

They must know by now that they are blocked.  Yet they keep trying to get in.

It was one year ago Sunday [May 12, 2012] that they found my blog and began stalking it, uninvited, unwanted when their behavior began to creep me out and they began to threaten and harass me.

If it had not been for their creepy and harassing behavior, I might have been okay with them reading it, because a part of me wanted that chance to tell them off, and to present to them the truth of their actions and how they hurt others.

I was on my way to finally feeling peace about the whole situation, and moving on, away from the pain and constantly wanting to say the truth to them, because that truth had finally been said.  But then they threatened me and began stalking me, proving themselves to be sociopaths.

I still wonder what got them to look at the blog in the first place, some two or three years since either of them had visited it.  A mutual friend had my blog on her roll, but I have not seen her visit it since early 2011, and I never told her who the later posts were about.  I hadn’t even posted on Facebook that my blogs of late 2011 existed.

Now, in my 2012 stats I see another visitor, who googled “histrionic narcissistic platonic friend,” and saw three of the very same posts seen by my stalkers that night–and spent three hours on one of the posts, a post which was very short.  Could this person have tipped them off?  I suppose I’ll never know.