Speak up and tell on your bullies

Annie’s Mailbox: Outing the Bully-In-Law

This addresses bullying victims being threatened not to tell, or else.  Just as Richard and Tracy told me not to tell about their bullying me or they’d sue, but I told anyway–and they did nothing after all.

This column encourages bully victims to speak up and not be intimidated.  It also has a letter addressing abusers who do not realize they’re abusive.  Both very important topics.

Some quotes:

Please tell your parents, your friends, your friends’ parents and your teachers what is going on. Make sure Chris knows that every time he hurts you, you will inform your parents.

And don’t worry that he will take it out on your sister. Bullies pick on those they believe are too small, too young, too weak or too frightened to stand up to them and report it.


I read the letter from “Mostly Over It in Vermont,” who said her mother probably didn’t recognize that some of her childrearing techniques were abusive. I’m sure that my dad was the same.

UPDATE 11/7/14:

The boy who wrote the letter has written again.  He called the bluff of his bully, and told his family what was going on.  Instead of the threats he feared, he has found support and protection.  See here.