My stalker troll brigade has disappeared

My posts for the past week describe what this is all about, starting here.

I guess the trolls lost interest and went back to their usual target, the alleged “catfish,” once they finally realized I have no connection to him.  But this is something they do: harass people simply for talking to their target, and try to bully them into the trolls’ way of thinking.

Which is one big reason why the whole “catfish” story doesn’t pass the smell test with me.  If it’s true, then just put your story out there, and don’t try to force and harass people into agreeing with you.  This kind of behavior is familiar to those of us who have dealt with abusers and malignant narcissists.

I pointed out their behavior was bullying, and that their websites look like not-credible hate sites, so I became their target.  I don’t like people being bullied, and have been known to yell back at people who pick on my friends.  The “catfish” is not my friend, just some guy whose blog I follow, but it bugged me anyway.

But I stood up to the onslaught, and I’m still standing while they’re gone.  Maybe a straggler comes in here or there, but that’s all.  And the post that ticked them off so much, is still up.

Even my Twitter hits have gone way down, showing a lack of interest from them.  I also went to the Twitters of their usual targets, and started blocking all the trolls I found there.

On Tuesday, I woke up to find a very disturbing friend request in Facebook.  Someone had spoofed my friend Todd’s account, but not in the normal way used by hackers and identity thieves: Both first and last names were spelled wrong.  There was absolutely no attempt made to look like Todd’s real account.  The picture was not the usual studly man or hot woman.  No, this was a scary-looking dude with a sneer and brandishing an “Evil Eye” tattoo on his upper arm muscles.

Yeah.  That doesn’t look like a hacker.  That looks like I picked up a stalker.

Considering what the trolls had just been doing, I was convinced they had tracked my real name down on the Net and were about to make sh** get real.  I had one hand on the phone for the police.

I reported the account to Facebook, and also told Todd about it.  But he was almost certain it was from a Nazi, not one of my trolls.  See, Todd keeps his timeline public, and is always ranting about Neo-Nazis, which makes this plausible.

So I calmed down.  I also spent part of Tuesday reporting two trolls who contacted me on Twitter.  All the troll IP addresses I collected (EIGHTY!!!) are in the comment ban bin.  I use a plugin which sends all spam and blacklisted comments into oblivion, so I never see them even to delete them.

For about 48 hours now, activity both here and on my Twitter has been quiet.  I have no idea why it suddenly dropped off, but I’m finally breathing again and going back to normal.

Crisis over.  Back to reality.  Which is good, because we have to get ready for a remodeling project soon.  That’s plenty to deal with.  😛


  1. Lucky Otter

    I am so glad! Whew! I bet you’re relieved.

    • Nyssa McCanmore

      Very much so! 🙂

  2. Mhichekn

    Hey fyi these Sam stalking trolls are going after five other people nonstop on their twitter time lines. One of them does make fake facebook accounts and then tries to message you to harass you or she likes to add your real life friends/family with the fake account she made. Don’t worry, people are onto their illegal behavior and it won’t go shall we say unnoticed. I hope you keep documenting. They will likely make fake variation of your name twitter accounts and harass you. They may make “mean” memes too. This is how they like to truth warrior fight for the honor of Meri Brown. Because adulting is hard.

    • Nyssa McCanmore

      Thank you for your comment! *Five* other people? Where do they find the time?

      I blocked all the trolls I could find on Sam’s account, and reported two who tried to contact me there, but it looks like they still keep track of my Twitter somehow. They haven’t been bothering me there, at least. I don’t know if the person who contacted me on Facebook was a troll or somebody harassing my friend, but my friend and I both reported that one and got it shut down. When blocking trolls, I saw one of them had “evil” in her profile, making me wonder….I have the IP addresses of all the trolls on my blog blacklist, so they can’t send me comments or messages. It’s kept things pretty quiet.

      But I did recently get a Facebook friend request from a senator I had just contacted. It was a spoof account, of course, and Facebook shut it down. I don’t know if it was just another hacker, or if one of the trolls was trying to get clever. Though how would they know I talked to the senator?

      Who are the five other people, friends of Sam or just random people who contacted him on Twitter? In Sam’s evidence pages, I discovered their stalking of commenters goes back at least a couple of years. Somebody told Meri to call off her trolls because this person had cancer and couldn’t handle it. All I am is a reader of Sam’s blog. It just boggles the mind why they spend so much time on this.

      “Because adulting is hard.” Yep, must be! 😀

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