I saw the trolls combing through my posts on sexual abuse

These stalker trolls are combing through my posts about sexual harassment and guys who sexually abused me.  I discovered this in my stat records.

They’re looking at my posts about sexual harassment, sexual abuse from exes, and manipulation by my ex-friend Richard (who has absolutely no relation to their alleged catfish, though one troll sent me a jeering message suggesting that it was the same person).

I’ve already gotten a disparaging comment from one of them, and another followed me on Twitter for the obvious purpose of harassing me.  This tells me they are NOT looking at the stories with sympathy or empathy like most people would.

They’re getting their jollies from my stories of abuse.



This is a vigilante group which claims to be getting justice for the victims of an alleged catfish.  Except I’m neither that catfish, nor a victim of him/her.  As far as the catfish is concerned, I’m nobody.  They have attached themselves to me anyway.

They have also attached themselves to lots of other people in the past several months.  You can find them in the tweets and replies on this guy’s Twitter.  There are THOUSANDS of harassing messages not just to him, but to others, anyone who is friends with him or even just talks to him.

Let’s shine the light of day on these cockroaches.

UPDATE 2020: I have proof that Sam is who he says he is, so the trolls can pound rocks.  He’s opened up more online publicly and to me.  I will NOT post private proofs here because it’s his business only to post these things and I will not violate his trust.  But publicly he now has a podcast with his girlfriend (who I’ve verified is a real person–and that she has visited him).