Sticking with self-hosting, v. 2 (Links should work properly now)

I saw a couple of subscribers try to come in to yesterday’s post, Sticking with self-hosting, but get a 404.  It looks like a result of a change in DNS nameservers.

That basically means I have a domain name and wanted to keep it, but my website itself moved, so I had to change the settings on the domain name.

It takes a bit before the rest of the world catches up, so people who have recently been on my site, still could end up on my old server.  The old “address” for my site was probably still in their computers: Computers hold onto that data for a bit.  It only affected new posts; they could still see everything else, because the old site is still on my old host.

But now it looks like everything is stable.  So here is my post again:

Instead of going to as I previously planned to do, I learned about a much better hosting company.

At least, I found a lot of reviews all around the Web saying Siteground is a much better company.  And the information I found on Siteground’s website–It sure seems much better.  The uptime is better, the pricing is better, they still use the ticket system, they’re responsive, and they actually HELP you with your website.  My previous host would only help with server-side issues, and leave you on your own for the rest.  In fact, Siteground moved my website for me–for FREE.

Because I have my own domain name, no URLs need to be changed.  Now let’s see if things are better over here.  🙂

So far–Just look how fast it loads!  😀