“Surviving the Cycle: UW-FdL Play Tackles Domestic Violence”

From an article about a play raising awareness about domestic violence:

Nate Zimdars of Ripon plays “Brett,” the character who is an abuser in “Surviving the Cycle.”

He describes it as an eye-opening experience and says many people turn a blind eye to domestic violence. Often they don’t recognize certain behaviors as abusive or they see it as an issue that doesn’t affect them.

“Stereotypically, abuse is seen as physical or sexual — emotional and verbal abuse is often ignored,” Zimdars said.

“I have seen several friends and acquaintances go through verbally and emotionally abusive relationships. I myself was in a brief relationship where I was subjected to verbal abuse. To me this is a very real issue that this play is doing an excellent job of highlighting.”

Kimberly Fleming from Horicon plays “Chandra,” a verbally abusive girlfriend to one of the sons.

“I think Chandra is a very distinct character — one that is believable. The fight that goes on between Chandra and Jeff is actually one that I have seen between many couples,” she said.

Surviving the Cycle



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