Sweeet: Fellow NLDers who like my NVLD page

I found this awesome little post via my stats the other day:

A reblog of my NVLD page

Here is a link to an excellent piece of writing on NLD. It is the author’s personal experiences living with the disorder and the ways it has affected her everyday life.

The article is very long because the author is extremely thorough. Therefore, I recommend you click ‘Download article as PDF’ so you can read it in several sittings.

This article gave me many ‘aha!’ moments because I experience so many things in common with the author.

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s very long.  That’s why I put the PDF button there.  😉  I wrote it over many months, just putting in something new whenever I thought of it.  I had no idea how long it got to.

And had no idea people would actually be READING it (up to well over 2,500 hits by now).  Another NVLD blogger picked up on it recently, as well.

Which means I’ve found some more like-minded people across the Web, not just the ones on my Yahoo and Facebook groups.

This is my NVLD page.