SWEET! Obama is Re-Elected!

We can keep moving forward into the future instead of backwards.  And hopefully, now that Obama can no longer run and be defeated for another term, the Republicans will stop fighting and start working together with him and the Democrats–for the good of the country.

[11/7/12]: I just saw Amy Kremer, chairwoman of the Tea Party Express, on CNN, being interviewed by John King.  She basically said that voters were taken up with “personality” rather than voting with knowledge–ie, that the voters were stupid.

No, we voted for Obama because the Republicans are getting farther and farther out of touch with reality.  Demographics are changing; more and more people want gay marriage, want women to make their own decisions, see global climate change as reality.

The percentages I’ve been seeing on the ticker show that the majority of Obama voters see the economy as improving.  We want the rich to give more so the rest of us aren’t continually squeezed.

Hubby was undecided right up until he was in the voting booth.  He admits he threw his vote away and just voted for the Constitutionalist.  I said, “Are you kidding?  The Constitutionalists are crazier than the Libertarians!”  Oh, well, Obama won the state anyway.  🙂

…And now I hear Boehner’s speech to the Congress.  To sum up, he’s saying, The Democrats are wrong, we’re right, and if the President wants to work together with us, he has to do what we want, because that’s the only acceptable form of “compromise.”

…Even though the American people have voted for Obama, not Romney, and half of us want Obama’s economic policies, so Congress needs to work together and compromise.  Not just the Democrats with the Republicans, but Republicans with Democrats.