Take Care Before Signing “Contracts” to Volunteer at a Church….. (Spiritual Abuse)

TWW has posted this about a legalese contract at Elevation Church which requires you to keep your mouth shut or you could be sued:

Elevation Church and Steven Furtick: Volunteer to be Sued!

I can understand restricting contact lists.  But this includes new ideas for the church.  This even includes information about church finances, which should be freely available.

Heck, my church prints up the finances every quarter for General Assembly meetings, and posts a summary in each newsletter, which could be seen by anyone!  My husband’s church does the same.

And this is not just for employees.  This is for volunteers!

The post also links to other warning posts about membership covenants/contracts, which have become quite common in churches lately–and make it easier to allow spiritual abuse to run unchecked.