I think I’m doing a bit better.

I blocked a reader who I’m pretty sure was UB (from this post).  After four years of keeping an eye on the sometimes-funny antics of my pet stalkers on this blog (they have changed their IPs and devices many times), I feel I’ve developed a good instinct about identifying stalkers.

This person comes from UB’s region, and has shown a big interest in my blog this past week.  This person has also come on many times over the past couple of months.  If I misidentified this person, I hope they’ll understand, since they have read about the person who threatened me.

I wonder if UB would have a conniption fit if UB knew I printed up some of UB’s posts back in around 2012 or 2013, since I wanted to take my time and read them closely.  I then filed them with other articles I’ve printed and/or clipped about abuse.  Maybe UB would tell me to burn the printouts.  And what about the Wayback Machine?  Will UB threaten the Wayback Machine next?  Especially since the Wayback Machine takes donations, so you know, maybe that’s “profiting” from UB’s blog.

I haven’t seen any more furious e-mails, though, or some of the same behavior in the stats that caused me alarm before the e-mail came.  I am upset that such an e-mail was ever forwarded to me in the first place; it should never have come to me.

I am closed-off to comments and contact information on this website for a reason.  And that reason is there are stalkers on the Net, not just my pet stalkers but the faceless psychopaths who lurk looking for victims, or the mentally disordered people who take offense at the slightest reason.

And yet my safeguards were breached.

By a stalker.

I’m really not happy about that.

I hope that the threat from this stalker will now diminish, leaving me to deal with real-life issues.  I will need strength to deal with them, not a panic-ridden body.  My dad’s illness is most distressing, plus we have other things going on.

And now I want to watch a movie.