This Blog is No Longer Safe.

[Update 2/15/14: This was posted May 21, 2012.  I only “scrubbed” my blog temporarily; a short time later, I put it all back up again.]

I’ve scrubbed what I can.  This is no longer a safe place to blog about certain bullying experiences.  Yes, I have every right to blog about my personal experiences, and I’m doing this anonymously, leaving out various identifiers–to protect the bullies, of all people.

See Prozac Blogger’s “Why are we the ones that hide the truth?” for a discussion of the irony of using anonymity to protect not just us, but the ones who bullied/abused us):

Why do we have to keep everything a secret?  Why are our ‘secrets’ considered embarrassing? Why are we protecting our abusers? What’s wrong with a good ol’ public hanging?

…Nowadays everything happens behind closed doors. And on top of that, victims aren’t supposed to talk about it. …Why are we being judged for what others did to us?

But the bullies have been here, read what I posted to them, have read practically everything, and keep coming back.

I think they want to intimidate me into silence.

They refuse to admit what they’ve done is wrong.  They don’t care that their actions have led me into doubting the very existence of God.

It goes to show you that there are abusers even in the Church.  There is no safe place to go without bullies.

But it’s just as well, because through this accident, I finally got the chance to say everything I had wanted to say to them, and hopefully won’t feel the need to vent about it anymore.

Though I say again to the bullies, Stay the F**K away from me until you’re ready to make peace.

In the meantime, anybody who wants to read about my abuse/bullying experiences, check out Life At Roanoke: My College Memoirs (Or, How NVLD Affected My Life).  It goes into great detail about abusers and narcissists I ran into in college, along with various funny anecdotes and other things.

Those memoirs have been up on my website since 2006, yet the abusers have never found them, to my knowledge.  Well, okay, one, “The Avenger,” but I kept it up anyway just to spite her.