Toxic Mix of Abusers and Introverts

In Introverts and emotional vampires–a toxic mix, just posted on Wednesday, Paula Carrasquillo writes,

Emotionally abusive people like the boy interpret an introvert’s desire to be alone as a personal insult to them.

Abusive people are VERY insecure and abuse others through asserting their control over them. They want to control what you do, who you know, who you talk to, and even what you think.

Because I like to be alone to refresh my brain, I was often accused of alienating him from my life and not loving him enough.

One of my activities that he especially disliked was me exercising on the elliptical machine for 20-30 minutes each evening after work. The boy HATED that I did this.

He interpreted it as me choosing some other activity in order to avoid him because I must not love him enough (or some such shit reason that he would pull from his pathetic ass).

She describes how giving in to her sociopathic ex’s demands for her to abandon her introverted ways, resulted in losing herself and being very stressed.

This matches my own experience with Richard and Tracy.  See here.