Wait–What? A sudden spike in hits to my blog

Okay, some Facebook group has obviously posted my blog post Wasted Years Mourning a Narcissist, because since 6pm I’ve suddenly received some 300 hits.  At least two new subscribers as well.  Welcome to all my new visitors–wherever you’re coming from!  😀

Update 4/10, 1:42pm: They’re coming from After Narcissistic Abuse and, so far, 15 shares on Facebook.

The hits are still coming, along with people checking out other posts once they’re here.  I’m getting so many I keep running out of room on my free Statcounter account, and have to keep downloading the logs so I don’t lose them.

I had 510 hits yesterday, 235 already today!  More than 36,000 people like the ANA page, so this could take a while.  😛

Update 4/11: As of 12:15pm, the spike has leveled off, but ever since my blog post was linked on ANA, I have received 490 hits to that post–and 1059 hits to my website overall.  😀  See bottom of page for updated pageviews.


But as for my psycho stalker trolls, Richard and Tracy, who hate that this blog exists, and read it at least once a week, and laughed at it, and tried to stalk and intimidate me over it, a little tune just for you:

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