Walker is giving Wisconsin PTSD

Every day lately, I read some new horror in the newspaper.  Some new way that Walker is taking our wonderful state back into the Dark Ages.

Meanwhile, he takes big money from corporate donors and does them favors.  This guy’s a crook, as records on his investigation have proven, yet Republicans want to make it illegal to prosecute him.

He treats other Wisconsinites like terrorists, rather than listening to their concerns and the reasons why they don’t want these changes.

It really feels like PTSD.

And this guy wants to be President.

Which would turn the whole country into a wasteland, as domestic violence takes over (ending waiting periods for handguns=more murder in the heat of the moment), the environment falls into decay, and half of Americans are treated like terrorists for wanting a living wage, decent benefits and healthcare for all.

This used to be a wonderfully progressive state.  Aldo Leopold came from here.  Our recycling program makes us the envy of other states, who want to dump their trash in our dumps.  Union workers had the right to negotiate such things as working conditions.

I don’t want to live in Texas after seeing what the political climate is like down there, but Walker is turning us into Texas.  NO!!!!!

Now other surrounding states are leaving us in the dust economically, especially Minnesota with its liberal policies, while Walker brainwashes us into thinking we’re doing awesome and just need more conservative policies to get better.

He’s Svengali.

Meanwhile, in the comment section on newspaper articles online, I find disturbing voices which follow the extremist party line, insult those who disagree with words like “libtard,” and think intolerance of other religions/races/lifestyles is a “family value.”  They think policies which will hurt them, will actually help them.

They sound like zombie drones, repeating whatever FOX News and Rush Limbaugh tell them.

You make a plea for the civility Wisconsin was once known for, and get accused of trying to censor freedom of speech.

Years ago, I wanted to stay here no matter what, even though people said we may have to move to find jobs.

Now, I want to flee to Canada.