This wave of stalkers came pretty late.

I posted much the same stuff I posted here, on the alleged “catfish”‘s blog MONTHS ago.  My site URL is in my WordPress gravatar, which was used there.  The trolls troll his site constantly, yet they ignored me back then.  I got hits occasionally from my gravatar, but they just acted like curious visitors, nothing malicious.

The alleged “catfish” recently pinned a months-old post which included my comment on the trolls.  Not just me, but another reader posted at length on how disgustingly obsessed the trolls have been.  But still, no attention from them to me.  And they did not appear to say anything to the other reader.

I also posted a bunch of things on the blog months ago, asking questions and trying to figure out the truth.  Yet the trolls ignored me.

I also posted the same things here on my blog months ago.  Yet they ignored me.  I thought they found it once, but the alleged catfish said the visitor IPs on my blog did not match theirs.  I eventually removed the post.

Now, all of a sudden they come at me and make me public enemy #1.

A person really should expect to have the right to post personal opinions about a TV show or anything else going on, whether on the Net or in real life, without some troll mob coming at them and terrorizing them.

This is supposed to be a free exchange of ideas.

I should be able to speak my mind without fear.

Just as I have done for the most part on this blog for years.  Well, except when Richard and Tracy found it, and threatened me over it.  But that was years ago, and they never carried out their threats.  Now I just see them as that familiar visitor occasionally showing up in my stats, and don’t care at all.

Things like me being stalked and terrorized just for saying I see bad things happening over here, and it bugs me–This should not happen.  This is America, not some dictatorship.

I should be able to write about my life, my experiences with abuse, my struggles learning how to deal with the pain, my rising above it, without worrying that some crazed mob will use it for their own amusement just because I said something completely unrelated that they didn’t like.


This is bullying.  And just like the typical abuser, when you call them out on it, suddenly they’re determined to destroy you.

Gee, my readers, where have we seen THAT before?  Sound like your relatives, or your ex, or your former friend?  Sound like certain narc blogs or forums?

I keep my post up because I don’t want these people to think they can intimidate me into silence.  Because far too many people throughout the years have thought they could screw with me and I wouldn’t fight back.

Because I see in them exactly what we’ve been fighting against for years on our abuse blogs.

This is one of those cases where the ones who claim to want “justice” have become what they hate, and have turned into abusers themselves.

UPDATE 2020: I have proof that Sam is who he says he is, so the trolls can pound rocks.  He’s opened up more online publicly and to me.  I will NOT post private proofs here because it’s his business only to post these things and I will not violate his trust.  But publicly he now has a podcast with his girlfriend (who I’ve verified is a real person–and that she has visited him).