Why we went to Iraq twice: It really WAS for oil

Remember all those complaints in 1991 and 2003 that we weren’t being told the truth about Iraq by the Bush in charge at the time? that we wanted “No blood for oil”?  If you were in favor of the war because you believed the Bush of the time, remember how annoyed you were with those protesters?  I sure remember it.

…Turns out they were right.  It really WAS all about oil.  Bush #2 wanted to find a way to get into Iraq and get control of the oil, long before 9/11!

And yes, this explains why our forces did not bother to guard museums full of priceless relics, which were then looted–while the oil ministry was guarded.  Remember how they were criticized for that?  They were following orders.

Remember how, whenever Democrats tried to get us out of Iraq, they were accused of not being patriots, of “cutting and running,” of forgetting about 9/11?  Yeah, the Democrats were right.

So all that crap we went through in Iraq, all the PTSD and terrible wounds and dead soldiers, was over oil.

Of course we heard this charge plenty over the years, but now we can confirm it.

Check it out here–a special report which delves into newly-released documents and eyewitness accounts of what really happened:

Why We Did It

The disturbing thing is that both Republican and Democrat presidents are caught up in this drive to “protect our interests” regarding oil.  It didn’t start with the Bushes, and it’s not gone with the Bushes.  This is yet more reason to resist the new calls to war which keep coming out of Congress: against Syria, against Iran, etc. etc.  Who wants to lose a son, an arm, a life–over oil profits?

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