Is Wine from the Devil–or a Gift from God?

Now, I think the taste of wine is vile.  But I did a little research on the origins of grape juice.

The company web site of Welch’s, maker of grape juice, confirms that Dr. Thomas Bramwell Welch first promoted the idea of “unfermented sacramental wine” in communion.  Dr. Welch was a Methodist and part of the newly arising Temperance Movement:

The story of Welch’s began in 1869 in Vineland, New Jersey–when physician and dentist Thomas Bramwell Welch and his son Charles processed the first bottles of ‘unfermented wine’ to use during their church’s communion service.

(I got this quote from here, though for some reason I don’t see an exact quote on this page now.)

Back in 1869, dentist Thomas Welch was elected Communion steward at the First United Methodist Church, Vineland, N.J. He objected to the use of wine for the sacrament and refused to touch it.

Meanwhile he heard of Louis Pasteur’s new method of killing bacteria in milk (‘pasteurization’). He decided to try applying the same principle to preserving the juice of grapes unfermented. –Marian Van Til, Welch’s Innovation

Check out the history of alcohol in Christianity–and note that even Puritans drank it, despising only drunkenness.

Note the section on Winemaking in biblical times.  It describes how quickly grape juice ferments, and the true meaning of “new wine”–not grape juice, as some temperance groups will tell you, but already-fermenting wine.  Even year-old wine was “new.”

Apparently, the idea that alcohol is “evil” in and of itself, and must be eradicated from the Communion, is a feature of much of American Protestantism in the newer denominations, but not of the older churches which have long traditions.

Written probably in 2007

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