Wondering if NVLD is hereditary

Thinking my little boy has inherited my brain….His daddy tells him that since he found out yesterday that Mommy didn’t want my son drinking Kool-Aid but milk for lunch, he’s not going to make that same mistake twice.  What does my son focus on?  “It wasn’t Kool-Aid, it was pop.” LOL

Focusing on the details and missing the big picture: that’s common for NVLD.  This tendency of NVLD kids to focus on details is sometimes called “being a little lawyer.”  You’ll tell them they can’t do something, but they’ll find some way that your reason is invalid, and try to argue around it. 

My little boy does that all the time.  Drives me nuts and I have to try to guide him out of it so it doesn’t cause him trouble later….Though, if he does become a lawyer, this may actually help him.  😉

And I’ve often done it, though I was a lot worse when I was younger.  Mom, you should let me do this because….  We shouldn’t break up because…. Okay, maybe we won’t be serious, but how about just dating…. (I found evidence of this in my diaries for both Peter and Shawn.) 

I used to be one of those grammar/spelling nazis on the Net, until I discovered people don’t like that.  I’ll be reading an article in the newspaper and focus on the cringeworthy spelling/grammar error (but then, that’s normal for people in my line of work). 

But this does make an NVLDer an excellent proofreader.  My scores on the entry test I took for SEEK years ago, astounded the person testing me.  She said nobody else had done that well before.  My filing skills were praised at my last job.

It’s hard to realize, because your brain naturally works this way, that it’s annoying for others, or why it’s annoying.  Honestly, we’re not trying to annoy you. 

I only learned about this NVLD trait in the last few years, and recognized it in myself. 

You just honestly think that those loopholes exist.  If that particular thing was not included in the list of “forbidden” items, you’ll think it’s not forbidden, even if your mom meant that all similar things are forbidden, and expects you to understand that. 

“I shouldn’t have to tell you that!” is a common refrain.