Workplace Bullying Leads to Suicide of Gentle, Quiet Man

Prison Guard’s Suicide Raises Questions at DOC

This is why, when someone complains of being bullied, they need to be taken seriously.  I’ve been bullied at various times in my life by various people, and have had thoughts of suicide or just not wanting to live anymore.  But I have fought through it and survived.

Some, however, are not so strong.  This man was almost ready to retire but couldn’t handle the bullying.  Now his wife and child are dealing with the pain of losing this beloved man.  On Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, Robyn, who was previously in an abusive marriage, said,

“I was in an abusive relationship, and I was abused,” she said. “And people gave him the benefit of the doubt over and over again.

“Sometimes when you don’t see what’s right before you and accept that there’s something wrong going on, then it continues to happen.  And that’s what happened to me.” —Brown Kids Help Escaped FLDS Youth, Sister Wives Defend Polygamy

Of course, the people charged with bullying Otto, are denying it and claim that they’re the victims of a witch hunt.  I’m not buying it.

  1. Thankyou for this

    My life has been made hell by people intimidating me at work, then there has been the attempted cover ups, more intimidation to keep quiet. I have been suicidal, but worked out id run away before id end my life. I value it too much, but feel so much pain.

    I agree, it needs to be taken seriously, but as im discovering, there is so much abuse and lies going on its difficult to find a safe haven. Going to places you think might help, can end up with them defending the perpetrators, or by them being scared to help, so they join in by covering it up, or joining in the abuse just to save themselves. I guess truth shines through in the end, the blogs I have discovered here are really helping. thankyou so much.

  2. Thanks for your postings. I found the tonight after a horrendous day at work. I have a fellow coworker who got off on the wrong foot with me since day one. He is an alpha male type and I am of course a natural introvert. I am a likeable person at work and my other colleagues like me. I am a sociable person at work just as much as I am comfortable keeping to myself. I am very good at what I do and I know my worth. However… Whenever I face this particular coworker, I feel threatened and try hard not to shut down. I think this guy feels I am not “one of the boys” in his view, so he just doesn’t “get” me. I have found over time he is manipulative and plays everyone. He charms other workers but doesn’t make a secret of his distrust for me. Whenever we have to talk, he always looks at me sideways as if he doesn’t believe a word I’m saying. This is so distracting and makes me feel so uncomfortable.

    Today we had a disaster. I was charged with giving priority to a task. I won’t go too deep here except that I wasn’t able to carry out the task immediately. I had to help someone else and then I had to run home for a baby emergency. So I had legitimate reasons. However he had expected me to finish this huge task in about 20 minutes and accused me of not giving priority to it, and why didn’t I do it when it was told to. I had legitimate reasons, yet I couldn’t reply to him straight away. He even paused and waited for me, but I was too shocked by his aggressive approach to be able to respond property. The moment passed and I felt angry. I have never done this in my working career but I sent him an email simply explaining the situation. I did have a slight “tone” in my email, and I can see that doing it that way was misguided. Later when we talked he found my lack of response and email “bizzare” and I can see what he means. But then I realised – this is an extrovert speaking. I shouldn’t expect someone like him to understand why I didn’t respond in the moment or why I reverted to email instead. The thing is I fell into his trap. His label of “bizarre” made me feel really guilty for what comes to me naturally, in the circumstances. I couldn’t face his aggression. I needed to compute the situation first, at least.

    So my coworker essentially made me feel guilty for being who I am. I like most of us probably, put on a front at work. We are expected to behave like extroverts or failing that, to keep your head down and don’t fall out of sync with the workplace culture. It’s easily for me to socialise with people at work and I am not threatened by them except for this one exception. This guy just blows me out of the water and I need to stop letting this happen. Understanding this most basic thing that I have an introvert approch is extremely helpful. Extroverts are not the enemy obviously, but if think this guy is beyond that… He is manipulative, judgemental, narcissistic and shrugs off responsibility. He just does what he wants and his personality demands that he gets what he wants. I feel under so much pressure from this guy. I think it would be useless to explain any of this to him. I actually want to have a good relationship with this guy. I mean I don’t care, except that it’s nice to get on with people, but he makes it so hard every day. Everyone else at work is fine. How can someone like myself be on ok terms with a coworker like that? I am forced to interrelate with him every day of the week.

    Sorry if this was a little long. I’m just in the middle of this nerve-wracking situation.

    • That’s quite all right. We introverts can be quiet in person but chatty in writing. 🙂

      Yes, I’ve experienced people like that as well, to various extents. It’s also frustrating when–because you’re an introvert–you come up with responses to an argument later on, but by then, you’re treated like you should’ve dropped the subject already, and are just “arguing.”

      Hopefully the more extroverted-based societies learn about introversion, the more accepted we’ll be. With narcissism and bullying also getting widespread attention, hopefully this guy’s behavior will also be seen for what it is.

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