My Latest Music Favorites: March 2017

The latest in the MP3 list:

(Enjoy, my readers–and especially you, Richard, the only one I know in real life who listens to this kind of music, since I know you’re still lurking):

“Phenom” by Iris:

“Elusive (Random Starlight Mix)” by Substaat:

“Free” by Mondträume (especially loving that German accent):

“We Move as One” by A Pale Moon:

“The Time Traveller” by same artist, suitable for the novel I’m working on:


“The Farthest Star” by VNV Nation:



Author: Nyssa McCanmore

writer, homemaker, Gen-Xer, liberal, married 20 years, mother of 1 teen, former Nazarene, now Orthodox Christian, Goth, geek, hobbit, intellectual, Germanophile, anti-Trump, anti-Nazi

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